Muslims Behaving Badly

There’s something about Islam, indeed. For some reason, some Muslims just can’t accept it when an individual rejects the faith. It causes them to become unhinged. It’s quite ridiculous to me. After all, if one truly believes that Islam is the correct and true religion, shouldn’t they be able to mount a coherent and rational defense of it? No, apparently that is too much to ask for. Instead people choose to resort to pettiness, gossip, insults and threats of violence, even death. In behaving this way these people show that they don’t actually care for the spiritual well-being of the ex or questioning Muslim. If helping such a person restore their faith was the goal, such hatred and negativity would not be expressed. No, the attacker seeks to protect their own wounded ego.

So-called devout practicing muslimahs have harassed a good friend of mine, calling her a slut and cursing her. Today someone called me an atheist for leaving Islam and told me I should be murdered. Really people, what a good way of defending your faith. And before you claim this is an isolated incident, please Google the way Ex-Muslims are treated. Read the comments left for them on their blogs and Youtube channels. If Islam is the religion of peace, its’ adherents have an odd way of showing it!