To Glitnir

Earlier today a fellow convert commented on one of my blogs. Her remarks got me thinking of my first encounter with an ex-Muslim blog. Back in October 2010, when I was still a hijab-clad proud muslimah, I came across the now-defunct blog “Here In Glitnir”. A progressive-minded muslimah and blogger had shared the link to Glitnir on FB. She wasn’t sharing the blog to attack the authors. She was making an appeal for Muslims to take the issues of apostates and their critiques of Islam more seriously. Intrigued, I decided to check it out. I immediately found myself addicted. I was amazed with the experiences of these former muslimahs and how much they mirrored mine.  I wanted to jump in the discussion, but my fears held me back. I already had my own questions, but actually speaking them publicly-even in a semi-anonymous comment on a blog-was a step I was scared to make. Voicing my issues would mean admitting that Islam itself was flawed, and I wasn’t ready for the accountability that would come along with that.  So at first I simply read the posts and the comments. After a few weeks, I started commenting on Glitnir. To my relief, the blog admin, Signy, was incredibly nice and understanding(as were the other ex-Muslim posters). I was able to share my thoughts without being attacked. I wasn’t just written off or told that my iman was weak. No, they actually listened to me. They also didn’t tell me to leave Islam or pressure me to do so in any way, shape or form. I feel it’s important to make this clear, as ex-Muslim bloggers are often accused of being Pied Pipers of the dunya, seeking to entice good Muslims away from Sirat Al-Mustaqeem. Nothing could be farther than the truth!

Here In Glitnir is now gone, along with another fave of mine So Brother A Ran Away With A Stripper. Though I miss the insightful posts of these ladies, I’m incredibly grateful to them for being bold enough to publish their blogs in the first place and for giving “questioning” Muslims a safe place to just be. And to the ex-Muslims who are currently blogging, thank you as well. You provide a much-needed service. Even though you may take a lot of flack and be attacked, don’t underestimate the positive impact that your words may have on someone who really needs it. Cheers to Glitnir and all other ex-Muslim bloggers!