Staying Committed After The Dust Settles

As I’ve watched the events in Baltimore this week I have struggled to articulate my views on it. Recognizing that I have often allowed myself to be manipulated into jumping on an ultimately futile bandwagon I observe instead. Over the course of this week I have deleted four drafts. But when I read this thought provoking post by another sista I knew there was no need to write an original post. Cherri F expresses it all. Please take the time to read and share her words.

A Thinkers Delight

Ferguson: the protests, the die-ins, #boycottBlackFriday and #Notonedime. The Black community has mobilized en masse for the first time in a long time. The amazing collective response to the decision not to indict Darren Wilson has earned a page in the history and a spot in the legacy of the Black experience. But whenever I witness, learn about, or participate in these acts of revolution/defiance/civil disobedience, however large or small, I begin to worry that it creates a pattern of behavior where we solely unite around shared oppression. The only time there is any sense of urgency and organized mobilization is in the midst of a crisis, at which point, it’s too late because the tragedy has already occurred. The marches and protests that occur in the aftermath are important but that’s not enough. Those things don’t translate into real changes. Instead, that amount of expended energy can lead to…

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