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In the latest installment of Parent Life I discuss my reticence in filling my daughters’ head with the ideas I was given about marriage and motherhood, and how the disparity in what we teach girls and boys as children leads to problems in adulthood:

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A native Seattleite and East Coast transplant, I have been interested in politics, religion, and race from the day I saw “The Autobiography of Malcolm X” on the bookshelf belonging to my BFF’s mom back in 1991. While my zealotry has thankfully diminished with maturity, I remain the deep thinking, passionate, and humble woman I have always been.

2 thoughts on “Parent Life: Out Of Sync

  1. Very eye opening points given in this vlog. It poignantly points out the stark, opposite teachings being given each gender in our culture and could be the nexus of why there is so much dysfunction and toxicity in our adult relationships. I will be giving similar advice to my daughter based on how I know boys are being taught, so that she won’t be entering relationships like a lamb to the wolves, but as an informed young lady, not beholden unto dogmatic training that will only leave her vulnerable to manipulation and psychological/emotional/physical hurt

  2. Oh yes… More of the real! My oldest knows that marriage and motherhood are completely optional, and she is the master of her own body. So if and when she decides to become sexually active, she will be well equipped. Totally the opposite of the “I need a guy to validate me” mentality I had growing up. Glad to see other parents bucking the system as well.

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