30-Day Challenge Day Ten: A Fruit You Dislike & Why

30 Day Writing Challenge

Day Ten: A Fruit You Dislike and Why


This entry for the 30 Day Writing Challenge will be short and sour, as sour as the fruit I detest: grapefruit.


Generally speaking, I’m quite the fan of the citrus family. Oranges are now my go-to snack, used to void the temptation of eating treats that are high in sugar and low in nutrients. Every week, I visit my local fruit stand to purchase lemons and limes for rinsing my chicken and beef, as well as dropping slices of both fruits into my water bottle. For the sake of variety, I wanted to add grapefruit into my routine. Alas, it was not meant to be. On every occasion that I attempted to eat grapefruit I was unable to finish even a quarter of it. I find the taste of grapefruit to be so bitter and acrid that it makes me feel nauseous. “Dislike” isn’t intense enough to describe my feeling on grapefruit; ‘disgust’ fits better.