30-Day Challenge Day Twelve: Funny Business

30-Day Challenge: Two words/phrases that make you laugh

  1. ‘Groceries”. Before April 2015, the word ‘groceries’ denoted the plethora of food items that I obtained from my local Safeway or Walmart. But on a cloudy, spring day I was unfortunately exposed to Omarion’s whack single ‘Post To Be’. Aside from taking modern R & B to  new low, it forever burned the word ‘groceries’ into my mind in  a different way:
  2. “I’m Rick James, BITCH!” Few shows have made me laugh harder than the Chappelle Show. For three seasons Dave Chappelle consistently provided biting and hilarious commentary on race, sex and other controversial subjects.Watching it was a cherished ritual of my mother, and I was with her when this episode below first aired, bequeathing American pop culture with a phrase that would outlive the show itself.