30 Day Challenge Day Fourteen: Seven Years Later

30 Day Writing Challenge

Day Fourteen: Your Life In Seven Years

The topic of today’s writing prompt is one that I contemplate with increasing frequency. From the day I found out I was pregnant, the happiness and well-being of my child have been my priority. At times, motherhood has so engulfed my identity that I lost sight of the fact that she won’t always be a child. But as her teen years approach, her adulthood becomes less a distant land and more of a reality that will be here quickly.

Seven years from now I envision Skype sessions with my daughter. My nest is empty, and we have both outgrown our current circumstances. I have completed my Bachelors at the UW Tacoma campus, in addition to writing and self-publishing my memoirs. My blog audience has grown to 20,000 followers. My dreams of expatriate life are a reality, and I now live in Dubai or East Asia teaching Literature. My life is vibrant, full of the kind of creativity and depth that I need to sustain me. The flight from my hometown and my nation removes the pressures of American life, allowing me to see what I become when placed in a different environment. And though my child will be in her junior year of college chasing adventures of her own, we will remain close.

That’s where the Skype sessions come in. I listen as she tells me of her plans to spend spring break in Ibiza, sharing both my excitement for her and safety admonitions. (I don’t think I’ll ever lose my mother hen tendencies). In return, she listens to my anecdotes and gives suggestions on my writing and online presence. (At ten years old she anointed herself as my Social Media & Technology Consultant). As I accomplish the desires I put on hold, and she strives to create the life we charted out for her, we chat daily. Though we are miles apart, our bond remains unbroken.

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A native Seattleite and East Coast transplant, I have been interested in politics, religion, and race from the day I saw “The Autobiography of Malcolm X” on the bookshelf belonging to my BFF’s mom back in 1991. While my zealotry has thankfully diminished with maturity, I remain the deep thinking, passionate, and humble woman I have always been.

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