30 Day Writing Challenge Day 20: The iPhone Shuffle

IMG_176030 Day Writing Challenge

Day Twenty: The iPhone Shuffle

  1. ‘Closet Freak(Club Mix)’ Cee-Lo

OH MY GOD! I have over 2000 songs on my phone, and THIS is the one that HAD to come up when I hit ‘shuffle all’? I am mortified!(post funny meme)

  1. ‘So Special’, Movado

This song is my joint! Every year I start my birthday off by singing and dancing to this in the mirror. To some, this may be a bit over the top. However, I choose to see it as a sign that I am my number one fan!


  1. ‘Badman Forward Badman Pull Up’, Ding Dong
    Two dancehall songs in a row? Oh, but when that beat dropped it was all over for me! My hands are in the air, and I’m rocking side to side as if I’m ready to take the video light. My child ceases doing her homework, the befuddled look on her face reminding me that I’m not at a bashment. I feel thus tune, though; it always gets me hype and reminds me why I fell in love with dancehall many years ago.

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