On Pseudo-Feminist Playboys

In this video, I discuss encounters with “brothers” who call themselves allies of Black women and wax eloquently about women’s rights for all the wrong reasons.

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A native Seattleite and East Coast transplant, I have been interested in politics, religion, and race from the day I saw “The Autobiography of Malcolm X” on the bookshelf belonging to my BFF’s mom back in 1991. While my zealotry has thankfully diminished with maturity, I remain the deep thinking, passionate, and humble woman I have always been.

3 thoughts on “On Pseudo-Feminist Playboys

  1. Not all of them want to have sex with them. Some of them just like to be perceived as martyrs and love the thrill of being in a stationary revolution but don’t put in any personal groundwork to change things.

    Being vocal is all they care about.

  2. Very important video. In my college days I had an encounter with a guy like this. It’s very sad.

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