Letter to A Divided Nation

First, to the right-wingers:

I would like to extend a sincere, hearty congratulations to you!

Please do not mistake my congratulations for supporting your platform and what you stand for. But, from a purely tactical perspective?  You did the damn thing, and I must give you your due.

You did it.

You overturned Roe v Wade.

After 50 years of voting, strategizing, and implementing a marketing campaign that should be the envy of your opponents, you accomplished your goal! Your organization’s efforts, such as Focus on the Family, the Moral Majority, etc., were practical. Your investments in supporting Ronald Reagan, George W. Bush, and finally, Donald Trump have reaped a HUGE dividend!

You are part of a major national party that once prided itself as a “big tent.” The party once insisted it was open to a variety of ideas. But you changed into the radical, extreme, and borderline fascist movement that the late Barry Goldwater feared you would!

If Goldwater was alive today? The 1964 Republican presidential nominee couldn’t pass your litmus test. Indeed, many of your former party luminaries, such as Governor Nelson Rockefeller, Arizona senator John McCain, and General Colin Powell, would have no place in your movement today.

You brook no dissent and tolerate no diversity amongst your party members. Any Republican who hopes to obtain, and, more importantly, RETAIN, any public office must kneel and kiss the ring, pledging their allegiance to your strict demands regarding abortion. It says a lot about the direction you have devolved in. But again, I congratulate you. I respect your gangsta. Unlike the other so-called major political party, you were relentless and ruthless enough to ensure you accomplished your objective by any means necessary.

NOW, moving on to the rest of us:

Black, White, Latino, Native, Asian American, Arab American, and any other background I may have missed;

Agnostic, atheist, Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Sikh;

Poor, middle class, wealthy, and all of the Socio-economic variations in between;

If you like living in a constitutional republic, if you do not want to live in a theocracy where your rights and freedoms are determined by ONE religious group’s interpretation of their Holy Book;

If the idea of waking up to find yourself living under a Christian fascist theocracy is not your jam-well, what are you doing? We have work to do. If we fail we will no longer be the United States of America and will become something entirely different.

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A native Seattleite and East Coast transplant, I have been interested in politics, religion, and race from the day I saw “The Autobiography of Malcolm X” on the bookshelf belonging to my BFF’s mom back in 1991. While my zealotry has thankfully diminished with maturity, I remain the deep thinking, passionate, and humble woman I have always been.

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