Not Our Ancestors

It is so hot out. Despite the 90+ degree weather that Saturday morning, I was determined to complete my bike ride. My husband and I left at 9 AM, planning to ride for two hours until the sun reached its zenith. The plan worked, and we were finished with our ride before 11:30. However, the […]

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Diaspora Tings

As the mother of a bicultural child,the incessant Dispora Wars on social media resonate on a personal level. In today’s post I delve into my reasons for staying out of them altogether.

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An Afternoon at the Schomburg

There was a time when the sight of the black berets, chic black leather coats, and massive Afros that symbolized the movement would fill me with nothing but pride. But on that day, I felt ambivalence.

The conviction and exuberance shown in the exhibit saddened me, for I know too well how the story ended. ..

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