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September 17

Just Like Music: “More Than Words”, 1992

In the fall of 1992 I entered the Seventh grade. By that time nearly two years had passed since my mama relocated us to Seattle from San Diego. I’d come to terms with the fact that this wet, perpetually gray city was now my home. This was an improvement from 1990, when I was given […]

August 05

Estranged: My Alienation from My Southern Roots

This week I began working on my long-neglected collection of stories about growing up with my maternal Grandma. Life is going quite well for us in general. My daughter is nearing her teen years and beginning her ascent to higher education, success and independence. I have made recent changes that benefit us both financially and […]

A Letter for Grandma

Today is not supposed to be one of the significant anniversaries.  It is not the first, the fifth or the tenth year. It is an odd year, the eleventh since you left my life. But the weight of your absence was especially profound for me today, as the calendar date coincided with the day you […]

April 23

A Nation’s Rise

A note to my readers: I will pick up my domestic violence series tomorrow. At the moment, however, there is a current event that I must address . This week my FB newsfeed has once again been flooded with the video of an adolescent Black girl being filmed as a relative beats and shamed in […]

Becoming Big Mama-Part II

It is August 2005. My Mama has been gone for two days. I am not crying yet. There is no time to cry. I am the oldest of four siblings and my Mama had no spouse when she passed. I can’t cry; I must do. From the moment the RN tells me that my Mom […]

Lessons From The Grave

The sudden death of my mother in 2005 is without a doubt the most painful experience of my life thus far.  More than eight years have passed since I lost her, yet I find that the episode still has an impact on how I react to situations. I have a relatively laid-back demeanor, but I […]

Guest Blogger Emelyne Museaux: Oppression 101

  Having immigrated to the United States as a young child, one of the first things I made up my mind to do upon arrival was seek out the many ways that Americans were like Haitians. Familiarity is comforting when you’re young and in a new environment. I quickly learned that similarities would be hard […]


Seven years. It’s been seven years since you passed away, but I can’t shake my need for you. Whenever things go wrong it’s your name that I instinctively call upon. Mama. No matter the situation I think of you as the solution. If only Mama was here it would be different, I tell myself. But […]