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November 23

Monsters Next Door: Confronting Sexual Abuse and Internalized Misogyny

On November 18th Medium published an opinion piece on why it is problematic to continue listening to and supporting R & B singer R. Kelly. In “It Is Not Okay to Listen to Accused Serial Rapist R. Kelly”  Nathan Slavik powerfully enunciates the allegations against Kelly, asking the reader to visualize  the ordeal of the […]


I wanted to write a post detailing my righteous indignation at a video that has been making the rounds on Facebook. In said video a thirteen-year old girl is accosted by family when she returns home after being missing for three days. Her Uncle whips her with a belt on the street, pulls her hair […]

Chile BYE: A Farewell to Online Misogynoir

I stared at the link on my screen, debating whether I should click play. The video, titled “Why I Don’t Date Black Women”, was sent to me by my favorite cousin. He is my only relative who shares my views on race, so we frequently build on the subject. As a black man he shares […]

Whose Hair Is It Anyway

Over the past six months I’ve become increasingly agitated with the badgering and critique that black women who wear straight hair and/or weaves receive, mostly from “conscious black men”. This focus on dictating black women’s beauty choices truly perplexes me. A direct question to my brothers who are engaging in this behavior: why are our […]

Can I Live: A Rant on Natural Hair

It can be hard out here for Black women who do not straighten their hair and/or wear weaves. Over the past year a number of  stories regarding the treatment little black girls receive from other children and school administrators have come to light. In the latest incident 12 year-old Vanessa VanDyke was threatened with expulsion […]

Guest Blogger Muhammad Kareem on Gender Relations within the Black Community

Quick note to my readers about today’s post: this weekend I found myself very frustrated with the pushback that I see black women receive for calling out the sexism within our own community. One of the most common arguments used to shut down these discussions is the ‘racial unity’ card-the idea that all other issues must be pushed aside, […]

The Surrogate

The last five months have been especially challenging for me personally. My situation as a single mother remains the same. But I’ve been dealing with that for nearly six years now. While I once hoped it would be a temporary state of being I’ve come to accept that it’s simply my life until my child […]

The Gray

The tragic story of the murder of Kassandra Perkins at the hands of her boyfriend and father of her child, Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher, has renewed the conversation about domestic violence in America. Journalist Goldie Taylor penned a brilliant piece sharing her intimate experience with the topic for MSNBC this week. As I […]