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June 08

The Case of The ‘MBA’: Love, Dating and Infidelity in My Thirties

The year that I turned thirty I bemoaned my plight as a divorcee to a long-time friend. For me the age of thirty was the first in a list of magical ages beat into my head by family and society(thirty-five and forty-two are the others). When I was fifteen years old I had a clear […]

Love and Happiness…

While clearing my Yahoo inbox this morning, I came across an invite to a seminar that a local Muslim organization was hosting regarding marriage and love. I opened the email and reading it brought certain memories flooding back. I can remember hanging out at a sister’s home late one night. Earlier in the day we’d […]

How To Respect

As stated in my previous entry, I’m ambivalent when it comes to hip-hop, the music that I came of age to. I’m not a fan of the more commercial fare that passes for hip-hop nowadays and generally do not pay attention to what is on the radio. So I was very surprised when I found […]

Reasons, Part I

When I first converted to Sunni Islam, I did not take the time to deeply ponder all of my reasons for doing so. Those around me had their own opinions on why I converted. My conversion was generally attributed to mental illness or an identity crisis. I spent so much time defending myself and arguing […]