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January 26

30-Day Challenge Day Eight: One Book I Love, One Book I Hate

30 Day Writing Challenge Day Eight: A Book You Love & One You Didn’t Confession time: in my early 20s I had a sordid addiction to hood novels, more elegantly known as urban fiction. Though I grew up reading various giants of the African-American literary canon, the grittiness in the stories of the inner-city intrigued […]

January 25

30-Day Challenge Day Seven: Your Tattoos & What They Mean

For day seven of the 30 day writing challenge I talk about my (nonexistent) tattoos.

January 24

30-Day Challenge Day Six: A Fascinating Individual

30 Day Writing Challenge Day Six: Someone Who Fascinates You (and why) An individual who fascinates me is Vida Starr, a young sista on the come up whose work is changing the perception of hip-hop heads and freethinkers of color. Vida is currently a producer/host with the site Reality Is Real, geared towards keeping those […]

January 23

30-Day Writing Challenge Day Three: First Kiss

30 Day Writing Challenge Day Three: Your First Love and First Kiss (if separate discuss both) My initial experiences with love and kissing took place on different occasions, so I’ve split this topic into two posts. First Kiss I experienced my first kiss back in 1991, on a Sunday after church. Growing up in a […]