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November 02

An Afternoon at the Schomburg

There was a time when the sight of the black berets, chic black leather coats, and massive Afros that symbolized the movement would fill me with nothing but pride. But on that day, I felt ambivalence.

The conviction and exuberance shown in the exhibit saddened me, for I know too well how the story ended. ..

April 22

Against The Grain: Edward Ball

The fallout from the hacking of Sony Entertainment Group’s emails continues to make news. The most recent story revealed that actor  Ben Affleck requested to have a remote slaveowning ancestor removed from the PBS documentary “Finding Your Roots”.  Affleck and PBS have both faced criticism for the decision. Personally I do not feel that Affleck […]

Our Diaspora

“Where are your people from?” It was a question that always made its’ way into my conversations with other Black children back in the day in Seattle. After exchanging pleasantries and learning that we ‘clicked’ with one another we would ask where our respective families came from. After all, it was known and understood that […]

Stepping Through the Brass Door

To this day the West African coast is dotted with multiple forts and castles, many of them the ruins of the Atlantic Slave Trade. One of the more notorious of these is located on Senegal’s Goree Island. Goree Island is home to the Door of No Return. For three hundred years my people would walk […]