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August 19

We Queens Or Nah?

My thoughts on the enthusiastic reception that “Straight Outta Compton” has received and the contradiction it shows. The term ‘queen’ is often used in some circles in reference to African-American women but our actions show we don’t really believe that:  

August 10

Straight Outta Solidarity: Hypocrisy and the New NWA Film

By the end of this week I believe that a magical transformation is going to take place.  Certain African-Americans, who speak of improving our situation and claim to be in favor of respect and dignity for the women in our community, are going to support “Straight Outta Compton” when it is released on Friday August 14th, […]

May 07

Mrs. Me Too

I spent last Saturday night watching HBO’s Tales of the Grim Sleeper, a documentary about accused serial killer Lonnie Franklin Jr. You can watch the trailer below: What disturbed me most about the documentary was the level of indifference shown to the victims. Franklin’s friends in particular let on that they knew something was off with Franklin’s dealings […]

April 30

Ready To Die

It was all good just a week ago. Seven days ago my social media feeds looked quite different. People in my circle were discussing the Kylie Jenner challenge and whether or not $50 was too much for a man to spend on a woman’s meal. Among the Black women in my circle, there was frustration […]

April 25

Leaving The Pity Pool: On Internalized Messages and Echo Chambers

When I was a teenager the mother of a close friend cautioned me about the dangers of swimming in pity pools. Even with that warning I made the mistake of entering one. Even worse was the fact that my pity pool was tied to my identity as an African-American woman. What should have served as […]

Time To Rise: Dark-Skinned Women, Self-Esteem and Media Images

Yesterday the eclectic and controversial MC Azealia Banks took to Twitter and vented her frustrations on Colorism, stating that she feels men hate dark-skinned Black women. Unlike others I will not dismiss her anger and pain outright. For too long the experiences of dark-skinned African-American women have been erased. When we speak of how we […]

The Ten Black(Woman’s) Commandments

Over the past few months I’ve become increasingly frustrated with the amount of misogynoir I’ve experienced.  Even my more intellectual and conscious brethren are not immune to engaging in it. To borrow a line from an old Queen Latifah song-Dimunitive Diva’s had it up to HERE! As tempted as I am to proverbially show my […]