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GOP Dreams: On Stephen A. Smith and The Allegiance of AA Voters

Last week popular ESPN commentator Stephen A. Smith made interesting comments regarding the allegiance African-Americans have to the Democratic Party and his wish that they would switch to the GOP. Though he’s not the first to state this, he engages in some of the same historical amnesia that others display on this issue. In this […]

Black and Brown-Conclusion

Nearly twenty-three years have elapsed since the day that the paths of two little girls of color crossed. Raquel and I have grown from our preteen years to adulthood together. Indeed at every high and low that we’ve faced we have been there for each other. When Raquel had her first child in 2003 I […]

Black and Brown, Part II

Our story resumes in the fall of 1991. When I began the sixth grade I’d lived in Seattle for less than a year. I’d adjusted to the idea that we would not return to my beloved Southern California but still struggled to fit in. Seattle was so cold and Anglo compared to Cali. Soon after […]

Black and Brown, Part I

The legacy of White Supremacy and institutionalized racism are subjects which I’ve written about and discussed extensively. I’ve addressed them so often and so unrelentingly that it has caused certain individuals to accuse me of being ‘racist’ and hating White Americans. It would probably come as a surprise to said individuals to learn that the […]

Keep Walking

Over the past few days comedian Kevin Hart has been in the news again regarding jokes he made about dark-skinned Black women years ago. Hart doubled down on his disrespect while making sure to point out that joking about certain groups is off-limits. Apparently women who share his skin tone don’t fall into a protected […]

Guest Blogger Emelyne Museax: ‘It’s Not Fear, It’s Habit’

Note to my readers: In yesterday’s post I penned an open letter to White Americans, questioning their fear of my community. In today’s post guest blogger Emelyne Museax explores the issue of  white racial fears more and adds her spin on it.  Fear: (noun) An unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something […]

Earrings Off, Vaseline On

The reality of my existence in the United States has led me to develop a multi-layered identity. Indeed, there are many labels that apply to me-single mother, divorcee, atheist, heterosexual-but there are two in particular which inform my worldview the most: my race and my gender. I am not one of those Black Americans who […]

Shades of Blackness: Tisha

“Chile, what’s wrong with you? What you over there cryin fo?”, my Grandma asked. “It’s the kids at school”, I replied through my tears, “they keep picking on me!” “For what?” “For being black, for being dark…” “Aww girl”, Grandma said as she sucked her teeth, “girl please! I told you how it was in […]