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January 27

30-Day Challenge Day Nine: Your Feelings on Ageism

30 Day Writing Challenge Day Nine: Your Feelings On Ageism “I still look good though”. Since reaching our thirties, these five words have tumbled from the lips of me and my friends every year. I often tell myself that I have little concern about aging. And seventy-five percent of the time it’s true. But my […]

There Ain’t No Future In Ya Frontin’

I am going to take a moment to discuss another problematic image that people have been buzzing about: the cover of Pharrell William’s latest album ‘G I R L’. I first saw the picture last week. I’ll be honest: I wasn’t shocked or outraged by it. Part of my survival strategy for living in the […]

Guest Blogger Emelyne Museaux: Oppression 101

  Having immigrated to the United States as a young child, one of the first things I made up my mind to do upon arrival was seek out the many ways that Americans were like Haitians. Familiarity is comforting when you’re young and in a new environment. I quickly learned that similarities would be hard […]

Black is Beautiful?

“It saddens me that my family will simultaneously say “Black and proud” and embrace weaves and relaxers, but I’ve also learned to embrace their choices and the insecurities that led to those choices.” The quote listed above is from a comment that my friend Emelyne left on yesterday’s post. I felt that her words were […]