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October 29

Harlem Blues

As my eyes scanned the walls, from the vintage black and white covers to the color one with President Barack Obama, they filled with tears. The beautiful and rich legacy of my people lay before me…

May 11

Keep It Moving: On the Cultural Evolution of Africans and African-Americans

On Saturday May 9th I finally made it to the Spirit of West Africa festival at Seattle Center. For the past three years I’ve always had the intention to go, but each year something would derail my plans. However this year I was determined to make it. Not feeling the idea of driving into the […]

They Say….

Lately I find myself questioning many of my ideas regarding race in this country. I reflect on the various messages I’ve received about how Black people supposedly think and live. I meditate on statements that I’ve even caught myself making in the past. I now question this narrative that has been perpetuated, and see that […]