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March 21

On Pseudo-Feminist Playboys

In this video, I discuss encounters with “brothers” who call themselves allies of Black women nd wax eloquently about women’s rights for all the wrong reasons.

February 24

To Slay The Hydra: Colorism, Misogynoir and Grandma

In the volume of items I see online, it has become painfully clear to me that online spaces dominated by my ethnic group are rife with Misogynoir. The refrain of evil, nasty pictures, and comments Black women mostly promulgated by our community is so relentless and constant that I’ve trained myself to let such ignorance […]

Stop Worrying and Start Living

Last Thursday an article titled “Why Do So Many Black Men Hate Black Women” was posted at For Harriet and on the Huffington Post.  Frustrated with the issue, I decided to share my feelings in a vlog. Please watch and share your input~Diminutive Diva  

She Can’t Win: On Black Women’s Reproductive Choices and Sexuality

*Originally published at Palava Sauce, written by me* She can’t win. If she’s a virgin, practices celibacy or makes a man wait a set amount of time to have sex with her, she’s accused of being a stuck-up, uptight prude. If she’s sexually active and comfortable expressing her sexual desires and wants, she’s branded a […]

In Search of The Pedestal: How My Dissatisfaction with Gender in the Black Community Led Me to Islam

“The most disrespected person in America is the Black woman. The most unprotected person in America is the Black woman. The most neglected person in America is the Black woman.”-Malcolm X Today marks the 49th anniversary of the assassination of slain Civil Rights leader Malcolm X. There is no leader I revere more than the man […]

Righteous Anger

“You’re such an angry Black woman!” Ten years ago I would freeze if a Black man told me this. I’d become compliant, apologizing and begging him to not misread me. I wasn’t one of THOSE ‘angry black women’;I was one of the ‘good ones’. To prove it I would then launch into a passionate declaration of […]

A Change Is Coming: Black Secular Women On The Rise

I had an amazing weekend! The Seattle Seahawks defeated the 49ers and clinched their spot in Super Bowl XLVIII. The Seahawks victory was the cherry on top of a day that started out  well. This past Sunday I had the privilege of participating in a roundtable discussion, sponsored by Black Freethinkers and People of Color Beyond Faith. For over […]

Becoming Big Mama-Part II

It is August 2005. My Mama has been gone for two days. I am not crying yet. There is no time to cry. I am the oldest of four siblings and my Mama had no spouse when she passed. I can’t cry; I must do. From the moment the RN tells me that my Mom […]