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July 27

Diaspora Tings

As the mother of a bicultural child,the incessant Dispora Wars on social media resonate on a personal level. In today’s post I delve into my reasons for staying out of them altogether.

September 21

Me Against My Brother

In today’s vlog I discuss my frustrations with the level of negativity directed at my ethnic group when relations within the African Diaspora are addressed on social media:  

Black Does Not Equal African-American

The title of this vlog says it  all:

Western Shores, Part II

In my last blog post I addressed a few of the common points of tension between African-Americans and Continental Africans. Though I mentioned the lingering resentment over the TransAtlantic Slave Trade, I did not go into it in detail. I planned to, but as I wrote I began to feel that the subject-and its’ place […]

Western Shores, Part I

“Mama Zora, please GO!” It is July 2006 and I am in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. The words are from Happy, one of my husband’s cousins. She is smiling and shooing me away from my two-year old daughter, whom I had just picked up with the intention of feeding. Used to life as a stay […]