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February 18

Deja Vu

November 1992 I grimace in dismay as dingy water from the puddle I carelessly stepped in splash onto my leather-accented jeans. It was two years after I moved to Seattle. I should have known to avoid puddles by then, but I was so full of excitement that I forgot. I was walking along Southcenter Boulevard […]

October 29

Harlem Blues

As my eyes scanned the walls, from the vintage black and white covers to the color one with President Barack Obama, they filled with tears. The beautiful and rich legacy of my people lay before me…

January 19

30-Day Writing Challenge Day One: Five Problems with Social Media

A note about today’s post and subsequent ones. Back in November a writers’ page I follow online posted a photo containing a 30-Day Writing Challenge. I liked the idea of comitting to such a challenge and saved the photo to inspire future posts. Lately I’ve been in a state of reflection about Diminutive Diva, trying to […]