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February 24

To Slay The Hydra: Colorism, Misogynoir and Grandma

In the volume of items I see online, it has become painfully clear to me that online spaces dominated by my ethnic group are rife with Misogynoir. The refrain of evil, nasty pictures, and comments Black women mostly promulgated by our community is so relentless and constant that I’ve trained myself to let such ignorance […]

Time To Rise: Dark-Skinned Women, Self-Esteem and Media Images

Yesterday the eclectic and controversial MC Azealia Banks took to Twitter and vented her frustrations on Colorism, stating that she feels men hate dark-skinned Black women. Unlike others I will not dismiss her anger and pain outright. For too long the experiences of dark-skinned African-American women have been erased. When we speak of how we […]

Keep Walking

Over the past few days comedian Kevin Hart has been in the news again regarding jokes he made about dark-skinned Black women years ago. Hart doubled down on his disrespect while making sure to point out that joking about certain groups is off-limits. Apparently women who share his skin tone don’t fall into a protected […]

There Ain’t No Future In Ya Frontin’

I am going to take a moment to discuss another problematic image that people have been buzzing about: the cover of Pharrell William’s latest album ‘G I R L’. I first saw the picture last week. I’ll be honest: I wasn’t shocked or outraged by it. Part of my survival strategy for living in the […]


Today brought the news of yet another Black celebrity using bleaching cream to exchange their natural brown skin in favor of an extremely pale tone. Nigerian-Cameroonian singer Dencia debuted her look and her fittingly named skincare line Whitenicius. As I looked at Dencia ‘s ghost-like skin a phrase came to mind: another one bites the […]

Shades of Blackness Conclusion: Our Conspiracy of Silence

For roughly a month, my blog posts have been dedicated to sharing my journey through the rocky terrain of class and color in my community.  I didn’t emerge completely unscathed, but I did survive. But what to make of it all? What does one do with the burden of such pain and anger in the end? For […]

Shades of Blackness: ‘And It Don’t Stop’

I thank all of you who have followed this series on Colorism and listened to my journey. The response I’ve received has been truly overwhelming. I started this blog about two and a half years ago, and prior to addressing this topic I had twenty eight subscribers. In the short period of time that has […]

Shades of Blackness: No (Dark-Skinned) Blacks Allowed, Part I

Though I decided to actively discriminate against African American males in regards to dating when I reached adulthood, I found myself rethinking that decision in my early twenties.  Sure, I’d been cruelly harassed and rejected by them for being too dark in my adolescence. Sure, African American males continued to admire and lust after the […]