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May 14

Taking The Stage: Supporting Academic Achievement

Good morning, my name is _____________. For my recitation, I have selected… On a damp Saturday morning, I’m on the second row in a school library, anticipation overflowing. As the parent of a child participating in a college preparatory program, my presence was strongly encouraged by the staff. My attendance was never in question, as […]

December 28

Clearing The Path: On Girls, Education and Gratitude

In today’s blog I discuss how a novel on the lives of girls in rural parts of the developing world made me reflect on family tales from the paternal side of my child’s family & the need to recognize one’s privileges.

October 23

‘Just Like Music’ Conclusion: “Testimony”, Summer 2015

Ten years after the events described in my last blog I stand in my kitchen, staring down at the screen of my white iPhone 6 in confusion. My favorite yellow and red kanga wrapped around my waist,I launch my Pandora app as I usually listen to music when I cook and clean. But when the app opened […]

July 27

More Than A Dream: Higher Education and Family Support

In today’s vlog I discuss the importance of parents/families giving young students the proper support and tools needed on the path to college:

A Letter for Aunty

May 16th is a date that I reflect on annually. It is both your birthday and Grandma’s. I remember our first Mothers’ Day  after Grandma passed. It was close to your birthday that year. The loss of Grandma was still so fresh for you, but you still took the time to give me a bouquet […]