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May 13

“Bought Sense”: On Generation Gaps & Aligning With My Elders

In my return post I revisit my freshman year of high school to reflect on generational divides, and how I now find myself on the other side of one.

Farewell to Ruby Dee

Today brought news of the passing of renowned actress and activist Ruby Dee. Just weeks on the heels of the loss of Maya Angelou, we are once again reminded of how important that generation was to all of us who came after. When I was sixteen years old I was fortunate enough to meet Ruby […]

The Void: On The Passing of Elders

It seems that lately I learn of breaking news via social media. Today was no exception. After completing my morning workout I grabbed a banana, plopped onto my bed and started scrolling through Facebook on my iPhone. I immediately see that Maya Angelou’s death is trending. I Google to verify that the news is true […]

Becoming Big Mama-Part I

Next month will mark the tenth anniversary of the passing of my maternal Grandma. Longtime readers of my blog and my friends and family know that my Grandma was one of my major influences. I still miss her deeply, and her life lessons still shape my own. One aspect of her life that has weighed […]