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Not Born To Breed-Part II

It’s been a little over ten years since my daughter was born. During that time I’ve heard a constant question from my friends and family: so when are you going to have another one? The issue of the environment that said child would be coming into is never a concern to those who pressure me […]

Not Born To Breed-Part I

*Over the past two years I have¬†thought about writing an open, no-holds barred post on my experiences with pregnancy and motherhood as an African-American woman from a lower-income, urban background. A post that I read from a sista on Facebook last week finally gave me the courage to do so. With ‘Not Born to Breed’ […]

The Surrogate

The last five months have been especially challenging for me personally. My situation as a single mother remains the same. But I’ve been dealing with that for nearly six years now. While I once hoped it would be a temporary state of being I’ve come to accept that it’s simply my life until my child […]