To Gain

“I grew up on the crime side, The ‘New York Times’ side; Stayin’ alive was no jive….” People often get my husband twisted due to his appearance. His complexion and suave face lead them to completely unfounded assumptions about who he is and his journey. It could only be smooth sailing for a high yella […]

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An Afternoon at the Schomburg

There was a time when the sight of the black berets, chic black leather coats, and massive Afros that symbolized the movement would fill me with nothing but pride. But on that day, I felt ambivalence.

The conviction and exuberance shown in the exhibit saddened me, for I know too well how the story ended. ..

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Harlem Blues

As my eyes scanned the walls, from the vintage black and white covers to the color one with President Barack Obama, they filled with tears. The beautiful and rich legacy of my people lay before me…

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