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U-N-I-T-Y Part I

The summer of 2013 was truly the summer of my discontent. The Supreme Court ruling regarding the Voting Rights and the acquittal of George Zimmerman were a powerful punch to my gut. As they say in the streets shit got real, and the country of my birth once again reminded me that I’m less than […]

Guest Blogger Muhammad Kareem on Gender Relations within the Black Community

Quick note to my readers about today’s post: this weekend I found myself very frustrated with the pushback that I see black women receive for calling out the sexism within our own community. One of the most common arguments used to shut down these discussions is the ‘racial unity’ card-the idea that all other issues must be pushed aside, […]

Ridin’ and Dyin’: An Open Letter to African-American Men

I like to think of myself as a lover of African-American men. It’s hard not to. Indeed, pledging my love and allegiance to your plight is treated as a sacred tenet of being a conscious/intellectual African-American woman. My commitment to you is informed by both my awareness of our shared history in this nation and […]

My Issues with ‘Black Christians are Uncle Toms’

As stated in my previous entry , Cult of Dusty’s latest video on Black Christians rubbed me the wrong way. For the sake of brevity I chose not to go in depth with my critique of the video in that post.  In this entry however I will elaborate on why I find the video so problematic. […]

Earrings Off, Vaseline On

The reality of my existence in the United States has led me to develop a multi-layered identity. Indeed, there are many labels that apply to me-single mother, divorcee, atheist, heterosexual-but there are two in particular which inform my worldview the most: my race and my gender. I am not one of those Black Americans who […]