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November 14

Happiness NOW

Life is a drink and love’s a drug…Coldplay, ‘Hymn For The Weekend’ I stood in the Costco parking lot early in the evening on Wednesday, November 1st, loading a box full of bulk items into the back of my SUV. Once everything was secure I slammed the door, the flags of the US and Tanzania […]

May 13

Do You Really Want It: On Stagnation and Laziness

Today I share an excerpt of my life and how I am learning to deal with a character flaw.

February 08

30-Day Challenge Day Fifteen: Three Pet Peeves

30 Day Writing Challenge Day Fifteen: Three Pet Peeves   People who block doors and walkways while talking. I get it. You are enthralled in a conversation with a friend or colleague while headed out. But the polite thing to do is step aside! To just stand in the way and restrict everyone else’s passage […]

February 07

30 Day Challenge Day Fourteen: Seven Years Later

30 Day Writing Challenge Day Fourteen: Your Life In Seven Years The topic of today’s writing prompt is one that I contemplate with increasing frequency. From the day I found out I was pregnant, the happiness and well-being of my child have been my priority. At times, motherhood has so engulfed my identity that I […]

30-Day Challenge Day Four: 10 Interesting Facts About Yourself

*A note to my readers: I apologize for the delay in getting this post up. I had problems with my wifi connection that interfered with my plans. I will  complete posts for days five and six of the 30 Day Challenge later in order to get back on track!  30 Day Writing Challenge Day Four: […]

January 20

30-Day Writing Challenge Day Two: My Earliest Memory

30 Day Writing Challenge Day Two: Your Earliest Memory I can remember pieces of my life from ages two and three. However, my earliest complete memory is from a fall evening in 1984. At the time, my mother and I resided in Guam as she was in the Navy and received orders to report there. […]

January 10

Gotta Have Faith: What Being Laid Off Taught Me

It is 6:00am on a Sunday, the day of the week that I still associate with church and worship in my head. I wake early seven days a week-a vestige of being raised by my Grandma-but continue to stay in bed anyway. Forty five minutes pass and the lyrics from a Jill Scott song begin […]

December 21

Breakup to Makeup: Friendship and Loss

It seemed that serious at the time. In May 2011 I fell out with someone who had been my ace since elementary school.  It started out as an argument, and in and of itself that wasn’t a huge deal. In the two decades that we’d known each other we had disagreements. However conflict was rare […]