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August 10

Straight Outta Solidarity: Hypocrisy and the New NWA Film

By the end of this week I believe that a magical transformation is going to take place.  Certain African-Americans, who speak of improving our situation and claim to be in favor of respect and dignity for the women in our community, are going to support “Straight Outta Compton” when it is released on Friday August 14th, […]

May 07

Mrs. Me Too

I spent last Saturday night watching HBO’s Tales of the Grim Sleeper, a documentary about accused serial killer Lonnie Franklin Jr. You can watch the trailer below: What disturbed me most about the documentary was the level of indifference shown to the victims. Franklin’s friends in particular let on that they knew something was off with Franklin’s dealings […]

Time To Rise: Dark-Skinned Women, Self-Esteem and Media Images

Yesterday the eclectic and controversial MC Azealia Banks took to Twitter and vented her frustrations on Colorism, stating that she feels men hate dark-skinned Black women. Unlike others I will not dismiss her anger and pain outright. For too long the experiences of dark-skinned African-American women have been erased. When we speak of how we […]

Stop Worrying and Start Living

Last Thursday an article titled “Why Do So Many Black Men Hate Black Women” was posted at For Harriet and on the Huffington Post.  Frustrated with the issue, I decided to share my feelings in a vlog. Please watch and share your input~Diminutive Diva  

Keeping It 100:Calling Out Misogynoir

On social media there’s this moronic meme going around bemoaning the fact that Ray Rice lost his job while the California Highway Patrol officer caught on film assaulting an African-American woman too still has his. Y’all must think I’m some new kind of fool. When the incident with the CHP actually took place none of […]

April 23

A Nation’s Rise

A note to my readers: I will pick up my domestic violence series tomorrow. At the moment, however, there is a current event that I must address . This week my FB newsfeed has once again been flooded with the video of an adolescent Black girl being filmed as a relative beats and shamed in […]


I wanted to write a post detailing my righteous indignation at a video that has been making the rounds on Facebook. In said video a thirteen-year old girl is accosted by family when she returns home after being missing for three days. Her Uncle whips her with a belt on the street, pulls her hair […]

An Unheeded Alarm

In my last blog series I journeyed back to my adolescence and reviewed my complicated relationship with hip-hop. The rise of ‘gangsta rap’-and the explicit nature of the songs of the genre-would lead to intense debates during the 90s. I was reminded of the acrimony between critics and fans of the emerging genre a few […]