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November 21

Family Over Everything

Once I’ve stirred one tablespoon of pure cane sugar into my cup, I sit at my kitchen table to enjoy it. I’m about three sips in when I’m hit with memories of precious times with my late Grandma…

May 13

Do You Really Want It: On Stagnation and Laziness

Today I share an excerpt of my life and how I am learning to deal with a character flaw.

February 21

30-Day Challenge Day Seventeen: Words To Live By

30 Day Writing Challenge Day Seventeen: A Quote You Try To Live By Decades have passed since the days I occupied the pews of my home church, my legs clad in pantyhose and primly crossed at the ankles. But various Bible verses from those days are still inscribed into my head, much like the rural […]

October 23

Chasing Dreams

“I said there’s plenty people like me, All outsiders like me, All unashamed and unafraid To live out what they supposed to be”-Lecrae “Outsiders” In today’s vlog(which took a ridiculously long amount to upload)I discuss the necessity of pursuing your dreams even when naysayers and circumstances make it seem futile:

October 09

Mission Possible

At the moment I am hype about the immediate future. I have a three-day weekend, which will give me the time to start multiple essays and film at least two of the videos I have in mind. But when my gaze shifts to the items on my agenda¬†for the next 12-18 months? I do feel […]