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June 10

Ain’t Gonna Let Nobody Turn Me Around:Outrage Fatigue and Shifting Focus

I know better. I should have never clicked ‘play’ on that video. It is not as if it could show me anything new. It couldn’t teach a lesson any different from the one I peeped watching a fuzzy video with my late Grandma back in 1991, or the simmering emotion in the voices of my elders […]

May 04

Represent: Matters of Race and Region

In this week’s vlog I discuss how being born and raised in the Pacific Northwest has impacted my life . My geographical location has spared me from experiencing racism as deeply and frequently as African-Americans in other regions of the country. It also gave me opportunities that I would not have had if I lived […]

April 25

Leaving The Pity Pool: On Internalized Messages and Echo Chambers

When I was a teenager the mother of a close friend cautioned me about the dangers of swimming in pity pools. Even with that warning I made the mistake of entering one. Even worse was the fact that my pity pool was tied to my identity as an African-American woman. What should have served as […]

Out and Away

I stare out the window of the Isuzu Trooper as our driver careens through the streets of Dar Es Salaam, shocked. The pretty faces of women smiling back at me actually look like me. Now I should not have been so taken aback by this. After all Tanzania is a majority Black African nation, a fact I […]

Black and Brown, Part III

“Hola Daniella, please come in”, Wendy, Raquel’s Mom, said as I stepped through the door. It was spring 1995, the end of my freshman year in high school. A few months earlier Raquel’s family moved from the South End and bought a house in West Seattle. I was sad when Raquel first told me of the […]

Shades of Blackness: Tisha

“Chile, what’s wrong with you? What you over there cryin fo?”, my Grandma asked. “It’s the kids at school”, I replied through my tears, “they keep picking on me!” “For what?” “For being black, for being dark…” “Aww girl”, Grandma said as she sucked her teeth, “girl please! I told you how it was in […]