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March 21

Review: Ladies Paint Night

In today’s post I detail my experience attending a paint night hosted by a local artist.

October 10

Just Like Music:”I’m Sprung”, June 2005

Somewhere between my freshman and sophomore year of high school I drafted the blueprint of my life. It looked like this: Attend and graduate from an HBCU by the age of 21; Meet a “good Black man” at said HBCU; Marry said “good Black man” at 25; Give birth to¬†our first child at 28; Give […]

May 04

Represent: Matters of Race and Region

In this week’s vlog I discuss how being born and raised in the Pacific Northwest has impacted my life . My geographical location has spared me from experiencing racism as deeply and frequently as African-Americans in other regions of the country. It also gave me opportunities that I would not have had if I lived […]

Black and Brown, Part II

Our story resumes in the fall of 1991. When I began the sixth grade I’d lived in Seattle for less than a year. I’d adjusted to the idea that we would not return to my beloved Southern California but still struggled to fit in. Seattle was so cold and Anglo compared to Cali. Soon after […]