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October 09

Mission Possible

At the moment I am hype about the immediate future. I have a three-day weekend, which will give me the time to start multiple essays and film at least two of the videos I have in mind. But when my gaze shifts to the items on my agenda¬†for the next 12-18 months? I do feel […]

New Tricks

Old habits can seem hard to break! This morning I came close to getting embroiled in another fruitless debate on the tired subjects I’ve followed for decades. However I recalled the wisdom shared in the video linked below and checked myself. Experiencing strife and anxiety are already part of the human condition. Seeking out and […]

My New Year

It’s been nearly two months since I updated this blog. After the events of the fall I honestly felt too burned out to write that much(I will elaborate more on that burnout in future posts). I also had to focus on preparing my daughter to spend five weeks abroad in Dar es Salaam. My child […]

Cut Off: On Eliminating Toxicity

In Exile Part I I revisited the sense of alienation I face as one who does not share the religious views which are widely held by members of my ethnic group. I’m able to deal with that alienation because I value a life of authenticity. But beyond that I stay away from the Christianity of […]