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June 29

Fists Down-Part II

In my previous post, I discussed how reading Eldridge Cleaver’s “Soul on Ice” affected my view of the Black Panther Party. Today I will review how the revelations of another former Black Panther stunned me further, sealing my disillusionment.   When the history of the Civil Rights Movement and the rise of Black Nationalism in […]

December 15

No Human Involved

August 10

Straight Outta Solidarity: Hypocrisy and the New NWA Film

By the end of this week I believe that a magical transformation is going to take place.  Certain African-Americans, who speak of improving our situation and claim to be in favor of respect and dignity for the women in our community, are going to support “Straight Outta Compton” when it is released on Friday August 14th, […]

Righteous Anger

“You’re such an angry Black woman!” Ten years ago I would freeze if a Black man told me this. I’d become compliant, apologizing and begging him to not misread me. I wasn’t one of THOSE ‘angry black women’;I was one of the ‘good ones’. To prove it I would then launch into a passionate declaration of […]

Black Women’s Commandments Revisited

So, after posting the Ten Black (Woman’s) Commandments yesterday I realized that I left out some significant instructions! Since I can’t leave my sisters out there I’m back with a few extra commandments. Enjoy! Interracial dating is NOT an option for you. EVER.  Do not even look in the direction of a non-Black man, especially if said man […]

The Ten Black(Woman’s) Commandments

Over the past few months I’ve become increasingly frustrated with the amount of misogynoir I’ve experienced.  Even my more intellectual and conscious brethren are not immune to engaging in it. To borrow a line from an old Queen Latifah song-Dimunitive Diva’s had it up to HERE! As tempted as I am to proverbially show my […]

Ridin’ and Dyin’: An Open Letter to African-American Men

I like to think of myself as a lover of African-American men. It’s hard not to. Indeed, pledging my love and allegiance to your plight is treated as a sacred tenet of being a conscious/intellectual African-American woman. My commitment to you is informed by both my awareness of our shared history in this nation and […]