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September 14


The elders been told you. The religious establishment been told you. Old school feminists been told you. Before I was even born, American society had Cassandras warning us of the impending disaster. They told us that there would be unintended consequences of allowing mainstream culture to become more raw, vulgar, and sexually explicit. They asked […]

She Can’t Win: On Black Women’s Reproductive Choices and Sexuality

*Originally published at Palava Sauce, written by me* She can’t win. If she’s a virgin, practices celibacy or makes a man wait a set amount of time to have sex with her, she’s accused of being a stuck-up, uptight prude. If she’s sexually active and comfortable expressing her sexual desires and wants, she’s branded a […]


I think I was around ten or eleven years of age when I noticed that people have an inordinate interest in the sex lives-real or imagined-of others. Gossiping about which girls were suspected to be sexually active was a favorite past time of teens and adults alike, even the ‘saved’ ones. Openly wondering about the sexual activity […]

“Let’s Talk About Sex”: Sexuality, Reproductive Freedom and Empowerment

Let’s talk about sex, baby Let’s talk about you and me Let’s talk about all the good things And the bad things that may be… As I was heading into the Sixth grade Salt-n-Pepa dropped the song “Let’s Talk About Sex”. I’d adored the all girl group ever since I saw the video for “Push […]