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February 08

Minding Your Business

In today’s vlog I discuss how sharing our business can work against us and why discretion is still important, particularly for African-American women. The song featured in my video is “Datpiff” by The Good Lawdz (http://thegoodlawdz.bandcamp.com/).  

January 19

30-Day Writing Challenge Day One: Five Problems with Social Media

A note about today’s post and subsequent ones. Back in November a writers’ page I follow online posted a photo containing a 30-Day Writing Challenge. I liked the idea of comitting to such a challenge and saved the photo to inspire future posts. Lately I’ve been in a state of reflection about Diminutive Diva, trying to […]

New Tricks

Old habits can seem hard to break! This morning I came close to getting embroiled in another fruitless debate on the tired subjects I’ve followed for decades. However I recalled the wisdom shared in the video linked below and checked myself. Experiencing strife and anxiety are already part of the human condition. Seeking out and […]

September 21

Me Against My Brother

In today’s vlog I discuss my frustrations with the level of negativity directed at my ethnic group when relations within the African Diaspora are addressed on social media:  

July 26

Aware But Not Immersed:Coping With Repetitive Negativity In the Media

Another week, another hashtag. There was a time when I eagerly latched on to any narrative that dominated my timelines, particularly those which related to race relations in my country. But when news of the latest outrage erupts online I now caution myself to stop, breathe and take some time to think. I don’t see […]

June 10

Ain’t Gonna Let Nobody Turn Me Around:Outrage Fatigue and Shifting Focus

I know better. I should have never clicked ‘play’ on that video. It is not as if it could show me anything new. It couldn’t teach a lesson any different from the one I peeped watching a fuzzy video with my late Grandma back in 1991, or the simmering emotion in the voices of my elders […]

June 04

No Comment: Stepping Off The Soapbox

Since Monday June 1st the revelation of Caitlyn Jenner has dominated social media. A flurry of memes have been created and timelines are inundated with heated discussions and posts from various camps. As is often the case for me. the online world found its’ way into my personal one. Multiple friends asking if I planned […]

April 25

Leaving The Pity Pool: On Internalized Messages and Echo Chambers

When I was a teenager the mother of a close friend cautioned me about the dangers of swimming in pity pools. Even with that warning I made the mistake of entering one. Even worse was the fact that my pity pool was tied to my identity as an African-American woman. What should have served as […]