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December 28

Clearing The Path: On Girls, Education and Gratitude

In today’s blog I discuss how a novel on the lives of girls in rural parts of the developing world made me reflect on family tales from the paternal side of my child’s family & the need to recognize one’s privileges.

Out and Away

I stare out the window of the Isuzu Trooper as our driver careens through the streets of Dar Es Salaam, shocked. The pretty faces of women smiling back at me actually¬†look¬†like me. Now I should not have been so taken aback by this. After all Tanzania is a majority Black African nation, a fact I […]


Pieza de Indias. That was the term used throughout Latin America, and later in the West Indies and back on the West African coast, for enslaved Africans. They were pieces of people. One pieza was an adult slave free of visible flaws. This measurement was useful in determining the worth of the enslaved individual and […]