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November 21

Family Over Everything

Once I’ve stirred one tablespoon of pure cane sugar into my cup, I sit at my kitchen table to enjoy it. I’m about three sips in when I’m hit with memories of precious times with my late Grandma…

March 21

Review: Ladies Paint Night

In today’s post I detail my experience attending a paint night hosted by a local artist.

March 09

30 Day Writing Challenge Day 20: The iPhone Shuffle

30 Day Writing Challenge Day Twenty: The iPhone Shuffle ‘Closet Freak(Club Mix)’ Cee-Lo OH MY GOD! I have over 2000 songs on my phone, and THIS is the one that HAD to come up when I hit ‘shuffle all’? I am mortified!(post funny meme) ‘So Special’, Movado This song is my joint! Every year I […]

30 Day Writing Challenge Day 19: Five Fears

30 Day Writing Challenge Day Nineteen: Five Fears That You Have As someone with a tendency towards anxiety, today’s topic is one I could richly mine. But since the writing prompt only asked for five fears I will do as instructed. Here they are (in no particular order): 1. Nuclear war. Since I came of […]

30-Day Challenge Day Eighteen: Your Favorite Color

30 Day Writing Challenge Day Eighteen: Your Favorite Color & Why There are three colors that always strongly appeal to me: white, red, and pink. Red is my current favorite! I’m beholden to it due to the bold vibrancy, intense heat and unabashed desire it exudes. When I opt to integrate crimson shades into my […]

February 21

30-Day Challenge Day Seventeen: Words To Live By

30 Day Writing Challenge Day Seventeen: A Quote You Try To Live By Decades have passed since the days I occupied the pews of my home church, my legs clad in pantyhose and primly crossed at the ankles. But various Bible verses from those days are still inscribed into my head, much like the rural […]

February 18

30-Day Challenge Day Sixteen: Bullet Your Day

*A note to readers: it has been ten days since I updated the blog. Nevertheless, I am going to finish this 30 Dy Writing Challenge! 30 Day Writing Challenge Day Sixteen: Bullet Your Entire Day   Woke up around 6 am Head to bathroom at 6:30 to shower/wash face/brush teeth Applied moisturizers, face and eye primer […]

February 08

30-Day Challenge Day Fifteen: Three Pet Peeves

30 Day Writing Challenge Day Fifteen: Three Pet Peeves   People who block doors and walkways while talking. I get it. You are enthralled in a conversation with a friend or colleague while headed out. But the polite thing to do is step aside! To just stand in the way and restrict everyone else’s passage […]